Cloudcor 2014

SAN FRANCISCO, May 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- CloudSlam'14™, a leading-edge cloud computing conference produced by Cloudcor Inc.™ and now in its sixth year, announces that Test Environment Management (TEM)

(www.testenvironmentsmanagement.com,www.testenvironmentbookings.com)  is named a Premier Partner for Cloud Slam 2014 Cloud Computing Conference; taking place from June 4th, 2014 at The Holiday Inn Golden Gateway Hotel, San Francisco, CA.

TEM will position Test Environments Management capabilities, which leverages best practices, ITIL and ISO standards to deliver quality Test Environments Management Services across both private and public sector organisations.

"We are delighted to add TEM as a Premier Sponsor of our sixth annual Cloud Slam 2014 conference," said Khazret Sapenov, chairman of Cloudcor, Inc. and Cloud Slam conference. "Build, Test, Deploy is a fundamental approach to engineering and TEM have an innovative approach to streamlining this process for the cloud. We look forward to their contribution to this year's proceedings."

According to leading research, up to 30% of any software project's budget could be taken up by provisioning, supporting and maintaining test/development environments and since the lack of having an efficient environments management strategy in place could severely delay a project or completely derail it, it makes good business sense to seek the best practise and service.

"We are delighted to sponsor Cloud Slam 2014 as a Premier partner for the 6th annual conference," said Valentine Wats, Director at TEM. "Environments Management should contribute to the business case stage of any software project, providing a cost estimate on resources and timeline required to create, provision, build, support/maintain test, development and pre-production environments for the project. Cloud Slam - the industry leading cloud computing conference provides a great venue for us to position our leadership in the cloud test space."

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