Capture, Organise, Determine Usage, Scheduling Patterns and Reporting on Test Environment Management.

Omnium Lite - Automates the way Test, Development, Non Production IT Environments are booked, scheduled, requested, managed, visualised and reported on.

Omnium Lite Features

Connectivity to Deployment and Release Management Tools

Reports generated automatically and a built-in request workflow

Audit reporting

Omnium Lite is automatically updated with all deployments/build version information on all test, development and pre-production environments via Omnium Lite or the deployment tools API.

Test Environment Hand Over Reports are automatically generated when an environment is allocated, and you can raise a request for an environment in seconds.

Full log file report of all deployments to Test Environments in Omnium Lite, available as a pdf.

Import and Export from Excel and CSV files

Single source of truth on all Test, Dev and all Non-Production IT Environments

Connectivity to all DevOps tools

Import and Export information on all environments and bookings to and from an Excel spreadsheet.

Omnium Lite is a single source of truth on build versions on all Test Environments. No more confusion, no more guessing,. Instills confidence that you are testing your application on the correct code level which is one of the main reasons for so many software bugs.

Auto Capture all relevant information servers, instances, storage, memory/disk uage bookings, defects and all other project related information from Test, Dev Environments hosted on Containers such as Kubernetes, Docker or even Serverless based Test Environments, cloud instances and servers.

Dashboard,  Charts & Calendar Visualisation

Omnium Lite as non-production CMDB repository

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Calendar view of environment bookings, charts designating usage and providing data to calculate ROI

Omnium Lite as a CMDB also serves as a repository of all information on a Test Environment/Virtual Host Server, Desktop Computers, Laptops, Hand Held Devices etc to include Host Server Names, Hardware Type, Operating System, IP Address and Interfaces, Application Details etc.

Free trial on signing up, monthly and annual subscription now available. Option to also install Omnium Lite on a local server (life time license with free updates).

The challenge of Test Environments Management that Omnium Lite as a DevOps tool solves:

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Watch a demo video of Omnium Lite

Omnium Lite Demonstrations

Omnium Lite v6 Full Features Demo

Omnium Lite v6 integrated with Amazon EC2

Omnium Lite v6 - Visualisation of your Test Environment components

Our OMNIUM Lite Rest API allows for connectivity and integration with all tools DevOps and TestOps to include:

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