The challenge of Test Environments Management that Omnium Lite as a DevOps tool solves...
... hundreds and thousands of virtual and physical test,
dev and pre-production environments or test beds
required for the several parallel software development
initiatives and production system bug xes required
across most enterprise organisations.
How do I book out, schedule, request
and manage all IT environments in an
ecient manner without using
cumbersome spreadsheets?
How do I forecast my yearly expenditure
across servers and test environments
which Gartner says 30% of my IT budget
is spent on managing IT
How do I implement
an ITIL based process
in managing IT
environments and
provide condence to
my users?
How do I provide a
single source of truth
on Test, Dev and all
How do I capture
code version levels
that are deployed
to environments?
How do I reduce my current
spend on managing Test
Environments by 30 to 40%
and provide a little more?
The Challenges -
The Solution -
Provision, Start Up, Manage,
Schedule, Book Out, Manage
Requests and Report on your
Virtual Servers and Test
Environments hosted in AWS,
Azure and IBM Softlayer
Clouds or hosted in your Data
Center, all in an instant,
directly from Omnium Lite.
1. Raise a ticket
2. Transfer/Import
ticket information
into Omnium Lite
- Capture new Ticket Information
- Manage Request Workow to allocate an
- Check and Book out an Environment
- Capture all iterations of code version deployed,
logs and maintain historical information
- Monitor and report on environment and server
- Low level and high level management reporting
- Provide single source of information on all
Omnium Lite caters for booking,
scheduling, capturing automatic
updates from other deployment,
service management or DevOp
To recap -
Raise a ticket for software defects or
new features in a service
management tool such as Remedy,
Service Center, Jira and import in an
instant into Omnium Lite.
Integrates with all DevOps and
Service Management tools to
include Jira, Puppet, Docker,
Kubernetes, Chef, Jenkins etc.
Omnium Lite v6
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