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Anti-ransomware, Cybersecurity and the implications for Test Environments and all manner of IT Environments – some scary possibilities

There are now very scary possibilities or prospects with the current proliferation of cybersecurity attacks that any software driven device, apparatus, SCADA controls, robotics, autonomous vehicles, payload carrying drones, remote command software can be hacked, manipulated, or redirected.


Fighter jets, armored vehicles, ships, submarines aircraft carriers, military tanks, drones, banking apps, flight controls, applications powering utilities can now all be classified as Production IT Environments.


Ransomware or malware infected code can be technically promoted from a development, test, or nonproduction IT environment to any of the above, think about it and some very scary possibilities start to emerge.


Alexa, Google home, remote house or office controls, garage/gate controls can all be infected with ransomware or any manner of manipulative software, promoted/deployed from a development or test IT environment to a Production IT Environment which could be a Fighter Jet.


A bad cybercrime actor opportunistically could break in from the least fortified entry point in any IT Network which could be the Test or Development IT Environment, hide ransomware and attack any device, transport, medical equipment, robotic remote surgical procedures with impunity.


The tight controls and security across, the management, monitoring, tracking, booking out, scheduling the usage of a Test or IT Environment now more than ever needs to be highly prioritised. DevSecOps TEM tools such as Omnium Lite have been developed to provide this exact capability, so we can help – Get in touch for a demo and free trial.

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