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Tesla Software Updates, IT Environments & Cybersecurity

Over-the-air (OTA) has traditionally been used to deploy upgrades to your Android phone, Smart or IoT devices, SCADA, and all relevant equipment over the last 15 years.


As OTA is also now increasingly used to deploy software upgrades to motor vehicles such as Tesla (to include other autonomous ones), Fighter Jets, Drones, Robotic driven medical devices, smart homes, etc.


Our increased reliance on software automation could now come at a life-threatening price, implying there is no longer room for any form of security complacency.


It will certainly not be amusing for a bad cyber actor to take control of your smart software-powered vehicle, hold you hostage in it and demand ransom.


Perhaps terrorists no longer have a need to plant a bomb on a plane or to get on it and threaten the passengers with guns, all they will do now is exploit any security vulnerabilities.


This all sounds like a sci-fi movie plot right…, but it is today’s reality when earth’s resident geniuses such as Elon Musk continue to push the limits of technology to advance our society.


Omnium Lite manages and provides a protective layer across the OTA from the deployment IT Environment through to the target device, equipment, or vehicle that you are deploying software to.  Request a demo today



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