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Omnium Lite -

Test Environment Management DevOps Toolset & Host Server Security Monitor

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health of your Host Servers - and all IT Environments, the information gathered is presented as a real time visualised graphical chart view across the year.

all unauthorised and possible hacking - attempts across  a 12-month cycle displaying the actual user accounts.

and display all authorised user accounts - that have logged in over the year, also displaying the actual user accounts. Also track all changes to your test, dev & all IT environments.

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all your Test Environment connectivity - in a real time animated display fashion or manner.

out of the box connection to Amazon EC2 - Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes,

Atlassian Jira etc.

as a docker container hosted application -

or as an Amazon ECS Docker

Container application.

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connection to any Service Management - DevOps, Defects Management, ALM, CMDB or Cloud Infrastructure Orchestrating tools. Omnium Lite can plug into anything.

for an IT Environment or a Host Server - or a Container or an Instance. Book, schedule, provision any of the list from any public or private cloud in an instant.

log of all - user activities

and historical events.

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Graphical chart

Cyber Security

and optimised view -

of all booked environments.

view of environments in use - active users, and active bookings.

Auto track all activity on the host server or VM - use AIML to determine suspicious activity and report it.

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