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Test Environment Management – TEMSCORP approach & study

13th July 2020



At TEMSCORP we have approached tackling the problem of managing Test Environments based on feedback from proof of concept’s, demo’s, trials, combined experience of over 30 years of Test Environment Management (TEM) and actual usage by several fortune 100/200 companies globally.


The latest product versions of Omnium Lite and Omnium Enterprise (TEM DevOps tool set) were developed based on feedback from several giants such as Telstra, Western Energy Australia, Moody’s, Federal Reserve Bank Hungary, Vodafone, IBM, NAB Bank, Downer group,  DHL, Abercrombie & Fitch, Cap-Gemini and many more.


We have established the problems and challenges faced by software project and IT operations teams who use test, development and all kinds of IT environments categorised in two broad headings:

1) Manual Test Environment Management (Non – DevOps)

  • Establishing a single view of all test environments, test beds and platforms across all departments in an enterprise organisation.


  • Scheduling (calendar view), allocating, assigning, hand over documentation, decommissioning of test and development IT environments


  • Reporting, analysing usage patterns and budget forecasts to provision non-production IT environments for future usage.


  • Release planning & scheduling code deployment (calendar view), documenting and capturing all manner of information on Test and non-production environments.


  • Workflow for users to request and be allocated an environment.


  • Rest API Interface to allow for exchange of data with other service management and all manner of DevOps tools using XML files to exchange the payload.


  • Visualisation of all connected test environments in the form of a 3D animation.


  • Instant delivery to any server anywhere in the world as a Containerised service or product.


Our solution for the above mentioned is our entry product Omnium Lite.

2) Automated Test Environment Management - (DevOps):

  • Integration with Cloud providers such as AWS, IBM, Microsoft Azure, and the Google cloud to automatically provision Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS) and Software As A Service (SaaS) cloud resources.


  • Integration with other DevOps tools such as Puppet, Docker, Kuberntes, Atlassian Jira, Atlassian Bamboo, Amazon ECS Container Services, Chef etc to retrieve or update these tools with relevant data in the process complementing and enhancing them.


  • Automated tracking of all environment changes to establish and highlight any differences that need to be corrected. This ensures that all code works in the same way across both the test and production IT environment suites.


  • Instant connection to any Host Server, Container or Serverless resources that are public facing.


  • Continuous and automatic health monitoring of both connected Host Servers and IT environments.


  • Track application, environment and configuration errors and report on it via a dashboard in real time.


  • Instant delivery to any server anywhere in the world as a Containerised service or product


Our solution for the above mentioned is Omnium Enterprise our core DevOps TEM toolset.

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