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Standard Features of a Test Environment Management tool set

11th March 2019



What are the problems associated with using Test Environments in most enterprise organisations?

  • Minimum of 5 users accounts since the tool will need to be used by various teams such as development, operations, DevOps and the IT project teams.


  • Built to enforce the logical steps in capturing and managing all IT Environments as follows; Create a new environment by first creating the server, then create environment instance and then book out the environment, the booking becomes visible immediately across the environment chart, booking calendar and all manner of reporting/visualisation.


  • A test, development or non-production IT environment cannot be booked across the same dates by different individuals or teams to ensure that an IT environment is not booked twice or added functionality to provide the flexibility if required to allow two teams share an IT Environment at the same time.


  • Save, archive and restore historical information especially where auditing is necessary, in complying with ISO governance and standards as necessary.


  • A booking system that acts as a CMDB, capturing Configuration Items such as IP Address, server location, disk space allocated memory and CPU’s allocated etc. See Demo


  • Environment Request Workflow


  • Automated Provisioning of an IT Environment from the Cloud such as Amazon EC2 – See Demo


  • Reporting and Visualisation – See Demo


  • Hosting as a Containerised Application – See Demo

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